Low-intensity Input Practise. The training prevent calls for a combination of lessons, class physical exercises and role-plays and functional exams

Low-intensity Input Practise. The training prevent calls for a combination of lessons, class physical exercises and role-plays and functional exams

Low Intensity Input for Youths Program

Attention HK and MENTALITY happen to be delighted to mention its traditional course on low-intensity treatments for our youth making use of an Approval and Commitment Therapy (ACT) platform. Upon completion for this training courses, graduates will have the skill to deliver led self-help according to the ideas of work to our youth experiencing minimal to slight psychological difficulties in Hong Kong.

Crucial critical information

Study Course Schedules:

April 2022 – January 2023


2.5 months (regular) of lessons and courses in April 2021 9 seasons position (3 era each week) from April 2022 until January 2023

Software Dates:

All applicants Open: saturday 7 Summer 2021 near: weekend 8 July 2021 Interviews is going to take invest the autumn months 2021.

Knowledge Location:


Satisfy rating all facts and our very own FAQs before you apply and implement via this type.

Entrance needs

Program Release

Jardine Matheson, ATTITUDE, Hongkong terrain PROPERTY ACCOUNT and HKEX base has financed idea HK to launch this training program. Utilizing a design like the UK’s family and youth Person’s repairing use of Psychological treatments (CYP-IAPT) project, the program will teach a unique cohort of providers to use children (aged between 12 and 24) experiencing moderate to limited emotional worry making use of a low-intensity, manualised input according to the basics of operate. This knowledge in addition to the associated study are going to be done in collaboration with King’s college or university newcastle and Hong-Kong Baptist college.

Study course Type and Review

Students will undertake 2.5 weeks of intense teaching in April 2021, as well as a 9-month setting.


The coaching neighborhood involves combining lectures, team practices and role-plays and useful tests.

Modules dealt with would include:

  • Intro to mind health/mental medical in Hong Kong
  • Therapy skills
  • Scientific possibilities management
  • Overview of Acceptance and Dedication Treatments
  • Offering the ACT-based manualised input

Trainees will undertake a functional assessment following the coaching block.


Following knowledge prevent is done, each student will initiate contact at a college or people organization. During each 9-month longer contact, students will give you the intervention to our youth three days each week, viewing minimal 3 children everyday. Both supervision and location would be arranged by head HK.

Managers would be in charge of checking trainee’s studying and developing and ensure that students do risk-free, good rehearse in their function, following the manualised intervention.

Upon conclusion for the placement, and based on meeting contracted requirements (as evaluated by the company’s supervisors), students shall be eligible to transfer to a permanent character via 2 trails:

  1. Suitable coordinate companies can decide to hire students in long lasting jobs once they have finished their own positioning. They’ll be obliged to consider their treatments for low-cost or cost-free treatments.
  2. In alternative, or moreover, they may likewise tend to offer their services privately configurations. The costs involving this are going to be topped so that the tool is still economical, in line with the goal of this plan – in order to make emotional solutions much more available to those invoved with require.

For additional informative data on this program, choose discover below when it comes to programme FAQs.



Should you have any concern on the training plan, kindly send people at [email secure] and rehearse the subject range “Mind HK Low-Intensity treatments for young adults Training Course“.

What’s the Low Intensity treatments for children Training Course?

It system is designed to create trainees with a foundational perception of low intensity emotional interventions for kids. It intends to enhance accessibility psychological practices and support for young adults (aged 12-24) in Hong Kong, through training courses individuals to produce low-intensity, manualised and led self-help treatments with Acceptance and willpower remedy (ACT).

Precisely what is manualised intervention?

Manualised work has been commonly used to give help to opportunity seekers with gentle to limited psychological state difficulties.

Manualised treatments need functioning through a standard etiquette with every buyer. Mental health help people will manual business through a booklet including different segments targeting changes in different mental functions.

Although the input needs to be mainly standardised per each buyer, psychological service staff members will somewhat modify the intervention to clients’ introducing difficulty and special traits. The function of treatment solutions are based on the led self-help type implemented in primary proper care providers in other countries.

Just what is boosting use of mental treatments (IAPT)?

IAPT are a program in The uk, begun with the National overall health solution (NHS) in 2008, to enhance the sheer number of grownups (old 16+) capable to receive evidence-based therapy for anxiety and anxiety.

In 2014, a version of IAPT geared towards little ones and youth called the CYP-IAPT programme (Young children and juvenile individual’ boosting accessibility sentimental remedies) am founded. CYP-IAPT was used to raise the availability of research supported mentioning treatments for youngsters and children having psychological troubles.

Both programs were characterised by offering research built manualised guided self-help treatments, providing an added useful resource, to cut back the burden on established mental health providers, by subtracting in gentle situations and focussing on very early intervention and aim to manage psychological state difficulties within initial phases before they can grow into much more serious disorder.

Precisely why was the system formulated?

The program originated with all the objective of tuition further counselors to deliver good quality treatments within a comparatively short time body.

Globally, 75per cent of psychological state damage produce until the ages of 24 and 50per cent include demonstrated by way of the ages of 14 (industry overall health business). Without intervention, uneasiness and depressive disorder will likely endure into adulthood.

In a very nearby framework, evidence about psychological state considerations among young people in Hong Kong is restricted, but it is believed that between 6.9per cent and 1.3% adolescents bring diagnosable panic and despression symptoms, correspondingly (Leung ainsi, al. 2008). There are prolonged waitlists or insufficient supply for people experiencing minimal to moderate troubles. Without input, gentle to mild troubles may become worse.

Hopefully that by knowledge more people, we can supply early interventions to teens and boost the use of help.

Who will be the project contributor?

STATE OF MIND (Jardine Matheson Group’s charity), Hongkong terrain HOUSEHOLD INVESTMENT & HKEX Foundation.

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