Singaporean females share their particular most detrimental Tinder meeting posts hat a relationship software like Tinder posses mad

Singaporean females share their particular most detrimental Tinder meeting posts hat a relationship software like Tinder posses mad

It’s really no key that online dating applications like Tinder are making appointment other people incredibly easy.

But any best swipe has the possibility of something to move honestly wrong-particularly because it is not uncommon to hear about a fit created in online dating services heaven become an initial time from underworld.

Because going by these Tinder horror posts from these six Singaporean females, you are able to struck it well with some guy over article but discover youself to be in an extremely unpleasant situation if fulfilling your IRL.


He had been belated for 30 minutes, and long history close, he or she finished up buying a column of beer-which happens to be ridiculous for 2 individuals on a weekday night.

Whenever it found negotiating the balance, the club associate charged all of it to my card because I’d it on case… and that he didn’t supply to pay.

The balance emerged to greater than $200.

The guy however encountered the gall eighteen us to revisit his or her spot after.

They later on offered to pay out their share on the payment when I need a subsequent morning, yet the means of getting the money back accepted about per month.

Apparently, he previously issues with his banking account and what definitely not, and we must hookup again for your to pass myself way back in money.

Undoubtedly, we all never had another time.


All of us really struck it well pretty well at first.

After multiple drinks, all of us begun discussing our personal last commitments, that is quite normal, but after that he or she only would not quit speaking about their ex.

I attempted to improve this issue maybe once or twice but he in some way find a way to proceed talking over their the actual fact that i used to be unmistakably uninterested.

They became obvious that he wasn’t over them and I began being really embarrassing.

I’m not sure if he knew just what he or she achieved completely wrong; however when I didn’t respond their text the afternoon after, he did not make the effort as a result of all the way up sometimes.


The man seemed like our kinds, struggled to obtain yahoo consequently burnt out and grew to be an online nomad.

He’d a hippy type, wild hair and likes searching. Neat thing he had been literally 1km point away from me therefore I is extremely energized to satisfy.

In addition, he swiped appropriate, therefore we begun speaking.

The man invited me to a shore park your car for a sundown outing – how romantic, right?

Thus I drove, and discovered he’s started surviving in a tent for a single period about beach.

The ocean outing got practically exactly how the man consumed on a regular basis.

We owned intriguing conversations about his or her journey, in reality as he wanted to collect very hot and serious in the tent, we said KTHXBYE.

Squeezing into a tent? The a no I think.


We met he at a bar.

It was a problem right away.

He was very impolite and requiring towards machine at our dinner table, that had been quickly a red flag.

And child was this individual handsy.

After I asked him regarding the fighting styles photograph I observed on their member profile, this individual proceeded showing myself exactly how he’d prevent my favorite assailant … by demonstrating it on myself.

After that, since time advanced, he you need to put his hand over at my knee.

And the provide around my own arms.

I stored searching delicately take away, but he or she didn’t appear to obtain the hint.

At some point, I just now claimed Having been fatigued (luckily it has been a work week) and were going to leave.

That’s when he supplied that I come to his house-which would be just throughout the path.

Clearly the man usually met with the aim of inviting me personally back once again as soon as the time.

Bonus? I became communicating with partner regarding mentioned negative meeting and also it turns out, she sought out with your when previously!

In which he produced the exact same moves on us all – at the same bar!


There’s a real time band playing therefore we couldn’t dialogue a lot.

What exactly is severe, the guy began a Twitter Live training video to motion picture the band taking part in (it seems that they were actively playing their favorite Metallica audio) that we plan am pretty rude.

In addition, he tested on with the venue, and when his partners pertained to only one spot, the guy simply placed myself behind to mention hey in their eyes.

I was so lured to only pay and leave!

Obviously, it was not a very pleasant feel but failed to reply their communications afterwards.


We had been on a night out together i assured him or her about the new save puppy, which I got only just followed during the time.

We told him or her all about their, such exactly how she had been mistreated and had been really skittish.

Also, I told him or her that this bird sleeps with me in identical space, occasionally on the same sleep, it supplies you both comfort.

His own impulse? He cannot evening a female would you that, as i ought to kick your canine out from the place.

His own defence is it was unhygienic.

I was thinking it actually was an extremely cocky thing to tell you on an initial big date and that I was therefore frustrated.

That has been a deal-breaker to me.

Never talked to him once again.

This particular article was first printed in CLEO Singapore.

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